Friends Visited This Weekend

This weekend my friends Lucy and Paul came down for some fun. We went to the Whole Enchalida for supper and then went to the Playwright for some beers.

Lucy was tired and didnt want to dance so we meet up with Lulzim (Luly) and went out while she held down the apartment front. Marcy enjoyed her company I am sure. She even chatted with my mom while we were gone.

Meanwhile back at the Playwright we danced real hard and drank Kamakazies.

The next day we went running at Maltby lakes and went to breakfast at the Copper Kettle. After some strolling we headed up to the summitt of a local mountain for a birds eye view of New Haven.

Lucy did some hard core calling from the cell phone, setting up Nikos birthday party and family business. We went back into town for a trolley ride to the Thi Taste. Yum Yum! Major Yum Yum!

We then went to Starbucks for some frappichinoes before they headed home. It was great.

Last night I went out dacing again at the Playwright, Saturday nights are way better than Friday nights.

Today I rested and mountain biked. The day was beautiful.

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