Schroon Lake Camping

New pictures have been uploaded. They are a series of shots taken as Paul and I approached our parking spot. Even though we were running late we both agreed that this stop for these shots were well worth the effort. It seemed like this little lake had all the color in the Adirondacks.

Comments are welcome … Friday (October the 10th) evening I met up with my good friend Paul for some overnight camping before our back pack trip into the Adirondacks. I got to the campground first I think it was called Paradox Lake Campground. I sent up the tent and Paul soon came sporting some beer and firewood.

It was a relaxing night by the fire as we drank some beers and chatted about important life topics. In the morning as I always do, I got up before everyone on the planet. I decided to go for a walk to find the lake. I did find the lake and got some pretty shots of a foggy morning on Paradox lake.

Once Paul woke up we headed into town (Schroon Lake) and ate a breakfast and topped off our supplies at the local Stewarts shop. We were ready for our adventure.

After breakfast we headed up the Northway to the next exit. Just off the exit was a stunning display of fall! I took a series of shots here and have just stiched them up. They are awesome…make sure you check them out in my photo section.

Driving to the trailhead Paul and I stopped at the mines in Tahawus NY. Ive never seen them before and they were in a way kind of neat, specially during fall foliage…make sure you check them out in my photo section. MORE of last weekend to come!

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