What Day Is It

I haven’t eaten in two days, Marcy is staring at me, and I am feeling slimy and worn out. One might think, wow what happened, you sick? Not exactly. I was doing my resume the other day and was amazed at how unorganized I was. I wanted to organized my web site to a point of being finished so I don’t have to spend so much time keeping it up. I am close to doing that. When I am done, I am done. Then I only have to come online to check emails and blog once in a while.

The job search isn’t going well but it will pick up again as I get my lazy but out of this apartment and start looking. I am excited to get out and do something again also. I cant believe I got all caught up in my web site again. It is so much fun to code. For example today I wrote a program that parses dates and turns them into date stamps so that my web site could recognize them. Then I put all my blog through out the years on here. Now everything is one. I blog here and that’s it. Well I am rambling. Better sew things up.

Your Thoughts

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