Another Job Offer

Yesterday was not the best of days. Thank god I have a job I like as it took me away from the starving and money problems. I did find myself struggling to think and concentrate at work. Food is so necessary but it is something I am without lately.

After work I knew my plans for the rest of the night. Go home, fix a Raman noodle dinner and go to bed. I felt tired and just overall bummed out. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to have a job and everything is great. Everything that is, except not having money. I am afraid that this job wont work out for me. Sure I may get full time in the future but for how much. I am not a greedy person but I do not want to starve any more. Then as I arrived home from work carrying my bike downstairs I got more confusing news.

It was my answering machine. Originally I thought it was grandma but it wasn't. It was the University of Montana wanting to know if I was still interested in the Web Coordinator Job. Of course I am, but now what do I do.

I have invested time and I really like working for Mars Stout. The University is a more lucrative job and one with a future but only if I can play politics well. At Mars Stout I don't have to play politics and that is what I like. But what about money. I cant live like this any longer. I am willing to do what it takes to keep a good job, but now starving seems bleak. Next week will be worse. What will I do.

So here I sit with a decision, go to the University Interview and show interest in that job or just hold out to see if things really do get better and secure at Mars Stout. I really like it there.

Your Thoughts

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