Good morning, it is Sunday and I slept in late by design. I cant go out to do any activities because I have to go until Tuesday without food. As I have written before, my ex wife has leached onto my paychecks and now I have another summit to cross. It seems that the people that I have a debt with (Volkswagen) have found a way to get their money no matter what. Some how they have been able to get a direct withdrawal from my account even though I have no money in it.

As you know I have decided to let the car go and at any moment they could come looking for the car to repossess. That’s not the case, they got their money and they are now happy and will do it again next month.

My bank is not happy with this arrangement and are treating it as if I have been going around writing bad checks. I have 30 days to get my -$500.00 balance back to zero or I face criminal charges. isn’t this funny, I could go to jail for being poor.

So I sit here paralyzed with hunger because my bank account has been frozen and I have nothing for cash. I cant believe that it has seemed to come to this. Even though things are looking up ka has decided to punish me more and more.

I pose this question and maybe you can help me figure it out. What did I do wrong to deserve this bad luck? Is it my decision to go to Montana? Is it the fact that I should have not betrayed my friends in Plattsburgh by moving out here? Is it because I am … was a dead beat father while I was going through school and before that? What is it? Am I trying to have to much fun in between miseries?

Your Thoughts

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