Lantern Ridge Today

Good morning world! It looks like the land lords cut down our shrubs … now everyone walking down the street can peek into my apartment. We are getting snow storms as I speak but it melts within an hour. The story on Lolo Peak is a diffrent story I am sure, but first how did last week go?

Last weekend was not successful. I wasn’t feeling top dollar any ways but I did try the South Fork of Lolo Trail. I made it to the junction of the Lantern Ridge section and the continuation of the trail back down to the South Fork of Lolo Creek. The snow storm was so fierce and the viability was null. I saw a foot drop on me in that last mile before I turned around.

Not that I will make it but today’s plans are to traverse Lantern Ridge and climb Lolo Peak. Why do I say that I wont make it? Snow Storm. The forecast is for snow storms today and if I cant get good photographs, then Lolo will have to wait until another time. My side plan is to stay on the South Fork of Lolo Trail until I encounter some creek/waterfall opportunities. I will be taking Marcy. Check out the map!

Your Thoughts

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