Killing Bears

Ok, well maybe that title is misleading; but it is the way I see it. The University is bulldozing its golf course to make way for a apartment complex, the state is banning smoking in public places, and the state is also outlawing drinking while driving. I do not believe that a person should drink beer and drive and I do not believe that I want to hang around a bar to breath in cigarette smoke. That is my choice, not the government’s.

You see I believe that we are making it a place for people to move to … People that do not agree with the Montana lifestyle. I moved back here after being away out East and now live back in Montana … now I am pissed off. Just because stupid people want to come here to live, but not take on the responsibility to live with bears or others that may do things they disagree with … we are killing bears and making laws. I think it is wrong!

When an bear went into the Greenough Park recently, he headed to a nearby apartment complex and it’s garbage cans, it’s bird feeders, and even walking up some stairs. The bears kept residents out of their homes. The ”Fish Wildlife and Parks“ department killed the bears.

They had issued a warning letter earlier and the new residents directly ignored them. The result … a dead bear, but residents that feel more safe. Screw them, it is the new residents that move here which have never been around wildlife. This resulted in this and other bears deaths this spring. Wow, way cool place to live!

I guess we are willing to give our wildlife’s life for more people and more dollars. What else can we do …. Hmmm! Lets make laws like they have in other more populated states, so people will move here. Bottom line; some people that move here do not want to take any responsibility for others around them. Also they are not willing to live with each other and they are selfish. We should not sell out to the evil dollar. Believe me the society outside of Montana has nothing to offer, so why bring it here. I want to be free … I am not an American … I am a Montanan!

Your Thoughts

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