Week End Update

Well I decided to not starve completely this week but so far I haven't ate. I got up late this morning and haven't had time to make porage. I am thinking I can live off of what I have left from last week. Oatmeal in the morning, a peanut butter sandwich at noon, a can of fruit after work, and a rice and butter after my ride. That should do it! I have $20.00 saved for groceries next week.

On Saturday my friend Larry and I rode two trails down by Hamilton. In between the rides Larry treated me to the best hamburger that I have ever had. We also stopped at a bike shop to drool over the new K2s.

Sunday I rode the Beacon Trail with Marcy in tow. She barely made it down as usual. She had fun though and we stopped under a huge ponderosa for the noon peanut butter sandwich.

I have been committed to a slide show presentation and the hoopla is making me uncomfortable. I don't even think I have any slideshows that will do for a mountain biker barbeque! The email says that I will be presenting my “World Class Cycling Pictures”. I think they have the wrong person.

So there you go.

Your Thoughts

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