Busy Weekend

Friday I did my usual chores including laundry, and groceries. And also in between chores I had a visit to the Kettlehouse Brewery. Larry and Alden were in attendance as we discussed pressing issues of the day. After the beer we headed over to the bridge for some slices.

I almost forgot that I had been evicted Thursday night and when I got home I realized I would be up all night unpacking and moving back in. After I finally got things put away the way I wanted I tried to get just a little sleep before the hike Saturday. The glue and new carpet fumes were so strong that by now I had a headache. Every time I wanted to lie down it felt like I was going to throw up.

Saturday I traveled to Superior for a hike with the Rocky Mountaineers. I was hoping that the hike would be called off because it was supposed to rain and snow all day. I was tired from no sleep. The day turned out to be pretty nice and the hike went off without too much discomfort. Even though I was so tired I almost fell asleep walking the hike was beautiful and interesting. I really enjoyed it.

Sunday I headed down to Cares Park for German Fest. I had been dreaming of brauts for quite some time. When I arrived I heard that they were out of beer. That was ok with me as all I wanted was a braut. I found the only table serving brauts and they were $7.50. It seems that I am seeing a pattern. There are a ton of festivals at Cares Park and all of them are about beer. Even though it is an ice cream festival all you will find is one table for the goodies and 16 tables of beer.

Now it is Monday and other than seeing a dog attacking a girl (or a girl running over a dog … hard to tell) things are pretty much normal. Well, that is the news; see you at F&F!

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