First Big Accident

It's a cold crisp morning here in Missoula Montana. I notice that the mornings are getting darker and I guess I should not ignore the fact that winter is on its way. When I first woke up my thoughts were to drive to work but as the time neared I felt good enough to ride my bike. So here I sit at work after riding my bike one handed and grimacing when I would hit a bump. It's a good day, and a good thing my swollen brain didn't kill me last night.

Oh yea, did I mention that I had a major concussion headache all night. Yesterday I called a friend for a ride and was reminded of a place I wanted to explore. So I went mountain biking and I not only explored this area but its rocks too. Close Up!

I was riding in the Marshall Canyon area. Its mostly overgrown and the single track weaved in and out of visual contact. On one corner there was a basketball-sized rock and when I saw it … well, it was too late. I vaulted off the bike and smashed head first into a bunch of little boulders. Not good-ol-smooth-boulders. These boulders where square and had sharp edges.

It was a hard journey home and I had wished I had some phone numbers with me. I figured I was ok because I got my self out. At first however I thought I was real messed up considering where I landed. At home I assessed the damage and was relieved to only have a few bumps and bruises. The only dangerous this was this brain sensation that I had. It felt like it was real large and my headache was tremendous.

I ended up with a puncture in my elbow (produced way more blood that it should have) and my neck. I have contusions on my legs, forehead, nose, and jaw. The evening was miserable and I really pumped the Excedrin. I knew that my headache and weird sensations were due to my brain sloshing around as I rattled my head off a few rocks. That is why I was happy to wake up this morning. I hear so many stories about what a concussion can do.

So now I sit here at work, with a headache, feeling pretty raw. But, I did ride my bike to work and that says all is well in Missoula Montana.

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