Tis The Season To Go MTBing

It is suddenly mountain bike season. It seems too early for me but this Sunday there is a mountain bike race in Idaho and I am currently receiving offers to go on a ride tonight. Could it be because of the 60-degree weather suddenly upon us? The problem is the big snow pack in the mountains that will keep us all low in elevation and forever cleaning the mud off our bikes.

The web site I am working on today relies upon a state run database and it is offline permitting me to break for a blog.

I tried a ride last night up Kim Williams and around Deer Creek then to Pattee Canyon and down. There was deep mud and ice along the railroad tracks. On Deer Creek Road it was Ice covered with 2 inches of slimy mud. Pattee Canyon Road is finally dry.

Alden reports that he part of Mount Jumbo south of the saddle road opened on March 15. ”From the saddle road north is closed until May 1. However, one can go around by going up the Plum Creek road on the east side of Marshall canyon to where it crosses the Woods Gulch to Sheep Mountain trail. The Woods Gulch trail is open but probably still has snow.“

So yea! Tis the Season. On tap tonight is a ride with Alden and down to the Kettle House for a beer and maybe I can get a load of laundry done. Tomorrow it looks like a trip to the Pass for some tele skiing! Sunday is the race. I still have not herd back from friends that want to go so if interested give me a call.

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