Pain, Weakness Leaving Body

I just turned off the TV where forecasters are predicting rain, rain, and more rain. They even lowered the snow line to around 5000 feet so we are looking at over a feet of new snow up on the trails. This doesn’t bode well for tomorrows Thursday Night Mountain Bike Ride.

Yesterday promised to be the same but I lucked out with a dry evening as I rode to Swartz Creek and up the dirt road for about two miles into the beautiful valley. The ride took me two and a half hours and totaled 45.4 miles. Over the last four days I have traveled 150 miles … nice to be back. Did I just hear a snow plow go by?

Tomorrow will be my third day on the bike and people at work are going to start wondering if I go home. I arrive with cycling wear, put on work clothes, take them off, put on the cycling clothes, and head out the door. They don’t understand.

Last nights Friends and Family went off as usual with the usual characters. Topics included movies, travel, and site visitors. If it is sunny in your neck of the woods … enjoy it!

A Look Back – On this day in 2001:

Today I will be working on our Voting Project all day and I just updated the page. It is a nice day out today and tomorrow I plan to go on my first group ride of the season. Should be fun. Next week I will be going to Sikorsky Aircraft for a interview.

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