At the coffee shop

It’s raining! I am willing to bet that we are over our usual precipitation level for the month already. I am at Break Espresso sitting in front of a cinnamon roll and coffee. I am here this morning for a on line meeting with a bud to do web stuff on his site.

I am hoping that the rain tapers off so I can go for a bike ride later on. If not, thats fine; I’ll take Marcy for a walk about somewhere close. Yes, I must stay close because I have run into a money less situation where I got to make 35 dollars turn into groceries for the week. Its not bad but it also means no gas money. Oh well, I am happy to be at a coffee shop looking out the window at refreshing rain and meeting a bud on line.

So tomorrow is in line to be a good day. First off it is supposed to be sunny and dry. Second there is a possibility that Ill go riding with some friends in the Bitterroot. I was almost canceling the trip late Friday when I got a email aiming at going. So I am in … again. I am hoping to trade a couple bike tun ups for a ride into the Roots!

So have a good Saturday and Ill have one too.

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