New Cyclocross Bike Finished

As many of you have noticed I have been mysteriously absent from the ol blogger since last weekend. Oh yea! I got 3rd place in that! But that is not the big news this morning. I finally got some sleep, cleaned up the house, and am in some form of consciousness this morning. You know how it goes with new relationships; no sleep, up all night, day dreaming during work, constant staring, and other stuff that goes on between a cyclist and his machine. Well I have a new relationship and it’s name is Askia .

Askia is a cyclocross bike. It has a Fetish frame that is quite heavy but pretty responsive after a couple late night sprints up the street late last night. I have put on it Redline Aluminum forks and Ultregra groupo pritties. It’s got cheap Tektro brakes and a duct taped seat. I plan on ridding it at the Thursday Night Ride tonight.

Yesterday was the final phase in the big build. At noon I ran down to the Bike Doctor for some final parts; cable housing, hangers, clamps, and a tiny little shifter screw. I highly recommend the bike doctor! At least when you ask for compressionless housing they know what you are talking about.

After work I thought I could whip together the final parts and go into Pattee Canyon for a ride. As usual little things like shift/brake lever positioning and a bad brake cable housing kept me home and in a working frenzy until 8PM. When it was done I went riding around town to test it out. It is surprisingly fast and accelerates pretty quickly which is good for a cyclocross bike. The only problem that remains is its heaviness which hurts the shoulder after a long run.

So now that I have gone public with my new relationship, Ill see you on the trail.

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