Epic Weekend Planning

I have chose the wrong day old from the basket this morning and now I am almost enjoying a mystery muffin with my free latte (I earned it from the way to go club ). I am sitting on the south wall at the Break Espresso enjoying my free beverage and also looking out the window at some deliciously looking sunshine. I rode my new cross bike and it is really getting dialed in. My quads are burning from last Thursday and this weekend has its share of epic ride plans .

Salmon Idaho Race: 

Last Thursday I showed up at the TNR with my new Cyclocross bike. After some parking lot mechanization and cross re-training we set off to do the University Beacon . It was a rainy, windy, and cold evening as Alden, Ross, and I set out for the last lengthy TNR of the season. Amazingly I reached the top of University Mountain without a dismount. This feat is big because of the huge road rings that are hung on my cross bike. It was painful.

So now I am sitting at the espresso with aching quads; it feels like spring training all over again. The cross racing season begins next Wednesday and I am quite excited about that. Today’s plans are still up in the air but tomorrow my friends and I have planned the Lumberjack loop . This loop is around 40 miles and has great views. It ends at the Lumberjack where mandatory Moose Drools are taken to recover from the ride.

Last weekend I went to Salmon Idaho for a race. I was not able to blog when I got back so I better get those results out on my blog. I have been pinged numerous times about the results. I got first place in a race against myself. It was me myself and I neck and neck till the finish where I dug deep and beat me at the line. The big news is that I got 3rd overall which is more impressive in my mind. I was robbed though at the awards as I was given first place and made to mount the podium allby myself. It was very embarrasing. I was robbed … give me my third place!

If anyone wants to do a big ride today give me a ring. If not, at least go vote for your favorite trail [click here ][results ].

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