How Far Can I Get

… before my tire blows out. Good morning! Today you are all taking something back to the store for exchange and for that reason I will stay away from the departments stores. Like I hang out there anyways. I just drank my first cup of coffee and posted a Todash . Today I go back to work and I will tell you I am not looking forward to it.

This will be a tough week. I still have laundry to do, a going away party for a co worker, and prepare for a trip to Lambert . I have just found out that I will be going to Lambert alone as my aunt has had to cancel. We were going to surprise Aunt Paula with an appearance by Aunt Wanda.

This means that I must make a decision on buying a new tire for the car so I don't blow out the cracked one. Hmmmm … is there one more HUGE trip left in the tire? I really don't want to go into dept any more. I already know I don't have enough gas money to make it out there and back so I will have to work the street corners to make it back home some day.

I know all this sounds like I am skipping town and maybe I am. Is there any reason for me to come back? Heck, I spent the entire Christmas day alone. Like I want to stay at my present job. I think I will pack up the beetle and move out. After Aunt Paula gets tired of me I can continue on out to the East coast and finally Plattsburgh.

Is this my plan … stay tuned! May be where my tire gives out is where I stay. Yesterday I snow-shooed in the Bitterroot and I will save that blog when I post the pictures. So I must prepare breakfast and desperately try to get the week started. It is a busy one, a stressful one, and if I do not get an idea that I will get a big enough pay check next pay day then it will be my last one.

Your Thoughts

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