Road Trip

The car is ready, gassed up, and Marcy is waiting back home for the big trip out east to Lambert Montana [map ]. Lambert is a cozy little community out in the middle of nowhere just south of Sidney. I will be going to my aunts where we are planning a big swarray for my uncle's birthday (Christmas for me since I spent it on a mountain).

The car took some doing! I had to fashion a CD case cover into a turn light lens. I used duct tape to hold it in place. I replaced two bulbs so that I wont get pulled over. The other day I had a situation where if I didn't use my credit card to buy rubber I would of not made it home. The upside … new tires on the front. The downside … going into debt with CITI Bank is not where you want to go.

Ok! So everything is packed and as soon as I get out of work I am headed to Billings. Ill spend the night there and continue on to Lambert in the morning. I did not get any sleep last night due to problems getting "The Dark Tower" onto my MP3 player. Ill need the audio book to pass the time as I drive the million miles or so to Lambert.

Your Thoughts

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