Snowless in Missoula

I am about to start breakfast and get a start on this day. I am not looking forward to it. I have never looked forward to this one. I remember being excited to go into work at MARS Stout and at times they had to kick me out at the end of the day. What a contrast. More disappointment came later that evening as I decided (using my foolproof decision machine) to take a ski up in Pattee Canyon.

I figured that I would not try to skate after going to the Missoula Nordic Website to see thee conditions. I figured I would take my back country set up and go down the Deer Creek Sneak route (a logging road).

As I started I noticed that the 1 new inch of snow would not be sufficient but we were higher up in the mountains … right? Not right? False? At times I was walking through the forest (no snow) to avoid the bobsled run ready ice covered road. I did enjoy the ski however as the moon was out and making the night as clear as a cloudy day. I could see across the valleys and all the mountains around. Bonner glowed in the distance. it was a nice ski … except for the rocks an lack of snow.

My ankle did not fair as well and the reason of the ski was to test another boot to see if my skating boots were the culprit. They are not and I must have now a weird foot thing. Paul we can start a foot problem club now … right?

So its off to make some breakfast and go to the dungeon. Oh yea! Good news! They are no longer watching us on camera at work. I can now pick my nose at will.

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