Lolo Pass Tele Ski

Hello from the Green Hanger where I am doing laundry and getting caught up after yesterday’s tele ski on Lolo Pass [check out the pics ]. After a stressful week at work my friend and I met at the Kettle House for a Discombobulator Doppelbock and to make plans to ski on Saturday. We decided on Lolo Pass and with that decision the weekend was on.

This is the last weekend of un structured work outs because starting tomorrow I begin my quest to be fast in 2007 on the Montana mountain bike circuit. My body fat project is going well and with a month or so of base training I should be right on schedule.

But first I have to get in some tele ski trips. Right! As previous blogs has eluded to I have an ankle injury. It has been feeling better and better with each passing week. So why not give it a test by going tele skiing.

Saturday looks bleak both on the web cam shot of Lolo Pass and in town as my friend and I headed out. I had forgotten my coffee and was kind of panicked but I hit it well. I stared out the window dreaming of the creamy mocha broth!

Oh yea! Back to the trip! Anyway, we showed up at the pass and the sun was out and it appeared we were in for a blue bird day. And what a day it was because it was so warm I had to strip down to just a short sleeve shirt….

Time shift to later on at Break Espresso: Whew! What happened … oh yea. And now the rest of the story. It was a blue bird day and by the time we reached the top of Fuji we continued on to the higher mountain along the ridge to the South. It was a good ski but my ankle started to ache. I wondered if I was going to be able to ski down.

On the top where it is not so steep we did well and I was able to complete some turns but as we neared the bottom of Fuji my ankle hurt so bad and I could not put any weight on it. My day was through. I struggled to the car and we discussed the medical care in our country on the way home. It looks like I may need to see a bone a joint doctor.

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