Lolo Pass Ride

I was just about to fall asleep when I got this leg cramp.  Well since I had to get up to jump around and scream I thought why not blog today’s ride.  Today I rode to Lolo Pass from Lolo.  It is a 66.1 mile journey with around 5,000 feet of climbing.  It is all up then all down.  From warm dry roads to freezing slushy mountain pass with 6 feet of snow covering the sides of the roads.  They actually dig out the signs it gets so deep up there. The ride back can drop your body temperature and send you into a shivering mess of discombobulation.

I left town and the roads were dry and I was thinking I over dressed.  At around 1.5 hours I started the climb to the pass and it started to snow and the roads were wet.  It took me 30 minutes to make the climb and it was quite amazing.  I had never did a pass in such bad conditions … well since Chief Joseph Pass last year at least.

On the way down I flatted and I had to change a tire in the worst possible place.  Just after the downhill when I wet wet and cold.  It took me the rest of the ride  to warm up.

I approached town a head wind tested me to the maximum.  I did make it and just barely. Now I sit here ready for bed calculating my week of training. It looks like I did 12.5 hours total training but the biggest increase is my elevation gain for the week is at 9,300.  Oh yeah! I missed 200 miles by just 8.1 miles but by far the largest week this year.

Overall in the saddle I am ahead of last years training but far behind what I usually did back in the 90’s when I rode with a passion. In the time spent training department I am not far off my old efforts.

Now I go into a week of rest in preparation for the first race of the season in Salmon Idaho.  I am all set, just have to change my oil and get my camping gear all set. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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