5th Annual Coyote Classic

Good morning from somewhere in Missoula Montana. I am slipping back into the societal grinding machine and I must try harder to keep my head out of its crushing jaws. Still though, I was able to get the pictures posted from last weekends adventure . The adventure started last Saturday after I drove to Lolo to do a training ride.

After my ride I waited for a friend to get off work and then we headed out to Boise Idaho in search of a camping spot. On the way we listened to pod casts from the latest offerings in the mountain bike pod cast world. Of course they were all about Floyd’s doping news so discussion about it floated about the car as my friend drove the curves into Idaho.

As we turned south in Idaho we encountered new ground for this blogger. I was surprised how diverse and beautiful Idaho was. I mean I knew it was beautiful but this was adding to its appeal. We went over this huge pass. It climbed and climbed and I dreamed of road cycling it. Next spring I plan to take a trip out there to ride this pass. Even on the other side there was this old route that looked even more like a European style pass ride. Exciting stuff.

About a couple hours out of our destination we stopped for lunch for a couple reasons. For one I could not feel my legs due to uncomfortable seating position and cramped leg space combined with a desire to never stop no matter what. In time however, we got hungry and I was near death. I found this burger place on the outskirts of McCall (I think that’s were we were) and had a veggie burger and a load of fries. it was spectacular and very good. this supper would prove to be the extreme fuel I needed for the race.

With new found joy in our full bellies we headed out once again. We in so much bliss that we missed our camping destination and before we knew it we were at the race site. We had three options, go back, find a motel, or camp at the race site. we set out for the race site and after numerous attempts at finding the proper turn off we were excited to find others camping at the start / finish line.

The next morning we awoke to people arriving and the race was on. My friend made me some “AWESOME” coffee and it is this elixir that I raced with new found vigor. It made me so fast I finished as the top expert rider. My friends also had great rides and we all agreed that this race is a “keeper”. I cant wait for next year.

We decide to take a new route home and it saved us 1 hour from the previous route. We traveled over to Salmon and then up to home ground. That route is very beautiful. I snapped off some beautiful shots from the passenger side of our trip-mo-bile.

During this trip home our first goal was pizza. It so happens that there was no pizza joint for hundreds of miles and by the time we discovered a pizza place we were about to devour each other. We were so hungry that dreams of what the pizza would taste like danced in our heads and conversations while we watched the cook SLOWLY prepare our feast. the pizza was awesome!

We got home pretty late and already I was thinking about the Mountain Bike race in Pocatello. I had previously planned to race the “Tour of the Bitterroots” this weekend but after experiencing a “REAL” mountain bike event (something we are lacking here in our beloved state) i am now courting the idea of going to Pocatello next weekend. As of now I am pretty much planning on it with some camping and other rides in Idaho for the holiday weekend.


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