Break Espresso FAIL

Hello from my apartment in Missoula Montana where I just got back from being ripped off. I would like to post a statement that the local coffee shop “Break Espresso” is the most wacky establishment downtown. Possably a litle dishonest.

Last year I experienced a situation where depending on the mood and employee I would be over charged for a cup of coffee.  When asked they would say that the coffee costs $1.25.  I stated that previously I paid $1.00.  Don’t get me wrong I do realize that that is cheap but that is not the point.  So anyway I paid the $1.25.  Later in the week I would go in and it would be $1.00 again.  So since it was cheap I kept going.

The Break Espresso is my friends favorite place so I kept patronage.  Last winter this fried and I experienced another dishonest practice.  What this place does is supply 30 black porcelain cups to be filled with coffee for $1.25.  What they don’t tell you is that once these cups are in use you must pay extra to use one of their paper cups.  So you walk in and notice that all the cups are in use so you grab a paper one … that would be $1.50 please (maybe more I cant remember).  And the refills are more as well.

This morning was the last straw. Let me explain. Saturday mornings in the summer is when the streets in front of this shop is the busiest. Break Espresso’s new plan is to get what they can from the wireless users and send them on their way with out so much as one email being read. And they are being very tricky about it.  I would have no problem with a sign in the front window that says “Saturday Mornings No Wireless Available”.  Do they do that?  No!  It says “Free Internet Wireless”. So that gets you in the door.

Now I am one of the smart ones, I check that the wireless is up before I get a cup of coffee.  That way if the wireless is down, no problem, I’ll just go to another place where it is better.  So I go in and sure enough their is a signal and my laptop assures me that I am connected.  In the meantime I notice I am only one of three people in the store (last week there were 50 people in their at least).

So after spending $3.00 for a cup of coffee and a day old scone I sit down and check my emails.  Something appears to be wrong.  I connect to the other access point (the break has front and rear).  It says that I am connected but I can not get out on that one either.  I check and find out that they disabled the routers functionality that assigns you a unique address (required to connect to the Internet).

So to make this mornings rip-off clear this is what they are doing. They are dishonestly selling you a product while you are under the idea that you will be able to use an advertised service.  After paying for your product they pull the rug out from underneath their service offer.  So you finish your product and leave.  That way they can get more of the crowd in and make more money.  When the wireless is going we tend to sit around and do stuff.  When others pass by and see a full house they don’t stop in for coffee. Break Espresso takes us wireless users money under a false assumption and then kicks us out so they can pick the pockets of Saturday shoppers. Ha!

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