Lightening Your Bike

I just received a email from a lodge-go-er about how to lighten thier bike (the one for discussion was 30.5 lbs). My mountain bike (Leader) is around 21 lbs and this is my thoughts on how I seated up the ol rig. Here is my check list from most important to least:

  1. Rider, muscle to weight ratio is most important and also the cheapest.
  2. Rotating weight is most important. If your wheel set has brass nipples their weight is magnified by the wheel size.
    1. Wheel sets can dramatically lighten your load but most costly.
    2. Tires, I use Stans no-tubes (Google search it) which eliminates the tube and rolling resistance. Rubber and knobs add up.
    3. Crank sets are also important not only in weight but also a part of rotation (don’t give up weight for stiffness).
  3. Fork. Do you have a 5 lb monster or a nice 3 lb (more expensive) one. Forks are the most dramatic in weight difference.
  4. Human interface devices. Bar, stem, seat post, and seat. Off the shelf parts are heavy for a reason, so they don’t come back for warranty. You can lose a pound by just getting high end stuff for your bike that the manufacturer cut corners on.

Well that is my quick and dirty … I invite you to comment on my thoughts.

Your Thoughts

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