Happy Birthday Aunt Paula

Hello from a undisclosed position in Missoula Montana where the rain is starting to come down and I sit here wet from my bike ride.  today is my Aunt Paula’s birthday so I would like to shout out her way and wish her a happy birthday. I will see you in a couple weeks.

What is good about today is that it’s my aunts birthday.  When you look at all the other events it all seems like the earth is spinning backwards.  Every cupboard I open, stuff falls on me. At work everything is breaking and people all around me are having problems.  I think one person has called it  the “February Montana Blues”.  I am hanging in thought with only good thoughts of all the beauty and good weather.

So tonight I see if I can run 10 miles.  I know I can but what will be my status afterwards and how will my performance be.  It is important because this weekend is the “Freezer Burn” half marathon.  I am glad there are things that I am attempting for the first time still. Makes everything so interesting.

Long term I am sick of being off the bike and hope to return to the saddle soon to prepare for next summer. I cant wait.

In the meantime I have my buddies bike to build and with parts on the way it will be getting real fun soon.  He is going to have a kick ass ride (quality wise). Some may look at the bike and wonder where all the society, toy-boy, name brand, “your only cool if” parts. If they were up your ass you would know it!

Your Thoughts

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