OSCR 50K Tomorrow

Good morning from a frosty Missoula where we are bracing for another winter storm. Tomorrow I head up to Seeley lake to participate in the OSCR 50K Nordic ski race.

last night after work I headed up to Pattee Canyon for a skate ski.  On the way I had to take a photo of the sun on Sentinel.  The days are getting longer and I am starting to chase the sun line after work.  Right now it is about half-way up Sentinel when I get out.  Soon I’ll be getting to the sun before it sets, then I will know it is spring.  And we all know what is right around the corner … Mountain Bike Season!

By the time I reached the place where I park the direct sun was gone but the light remained.  I skated two laps and finished up right when it got dark.  Wow, an entire ski in the light.  Tomorrow I will get enough exposure to the daylight as I expect to be on course for at least 5 hours (it is my dream to be under 4).

After the ski I headed down to REI for a adventure racing clinic (1 of many). I have decided to sign up for the Grizzly Man Adventure Race to be held on April 19th here in Missoula.  It sounds great and I am all equipped for this one (which is a sprint type, 5 hours or so) except I must attend more orienteering classes.  I suspect since I know ever weed on the Sentinel and University Mountains I will have the upper hand. I saw my friend Josh there as well but I think I want to go solo on this one (maybe).

The winner will get their entry paid for the national championships the only problem is that it is only for the mixed gender team. So I am going solo since I don’t know any female adventure racers.

One aspect of the GMAR that will be cool is the organization. They are planning a expo area with big screen monitors that will show the race out on course.  Also the race is only 40 bucks, cant beat that.  Now where did I put my boy scout compass.

Back to present reality! tomorrow is the 50K race and I am confident I will do better this year for 5 reasons: (1) This time I am not fighting a staff infection. (2) This time my ankle is not injured. (3) I am going with Perpetium this time. (4) I have real skate skis (5) I hope to not get lost this time.  Are these reasons or goals … hmmm!

All this excitement but that is not all.  Next week my best friend from New York flies in to Missoula and our 3rd annual spring break begins.  I am looking forward to being with a good friend, exercising our right to exercise in the snow, and eat great food.

Ok, well, have a great weekend all!

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