Georgetown Lake 90 Miler

Good morning from Missoula where I just woke up and feel like another three days of sleep would feel so good. Yesterday I rode my bike from Drummond to Georgetown Lake and beyond.  In all I rode 90 miles and that completed my 222 mile week.  Now it is time to rest. Another big milestone is that I have reached the 1000 mile threshold and now can officially call myself “in shape”.  Time to race!

The drive to Drummond was spectacular and again just like the day before it was sunny and very nice which was in stark contrast to Missoula’s dark overcast and snow storm.  But just like the day before, a sunny drive doesn’t mean a sunny ride.

I left Drummond starring straight into a cloud that looked like it was dumping precipitation.  Entering into Hall the clouds looked like they were on the move and I was bracing for a long day in the saddle. After cycling an hour I reached Maxville and discovered that the clouds had passed and the sun was coming out.  The entire ride it seemed as if the sun was following me around.

At the 2 hour mark I finally reached the climb up the pass. I remarked to myself that now the fun would begin.  It was a blast and I must say this is my favorite pass.  It seems dramatic and the views can not be matched.  Once on top the Pintlers are astonishing. The road is great and to my surprise the driest roads I have encountered this year.  The best part is that there is barely any traffic.  If found myself reaching for the camera one to many times.  Stay tuned for video!

The trip back to the car was fabulous.  The sun came out in force and the all downhill route went by so fast I had to do a side trip once I got back to Drummond.  All I can say about this ride is, thank you sun.  This is the best one of the year so far. Next week is a road race and the week following I am working on a 150 miler … stay tuned.

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