Secret Underground Seclusion

Here is a photo of my friend Paul enjoying his new Leader in our top secret riding loop.  Any guesses? I went into hiding on Thursday and even my dog did not know where we were. She was being held in a fence in Lolo Montana being interrogated by skunks.  Really, my entire house smells like skunks now. She did not give up our location and the feds could not find me or my friends Sten, Paul, and Ronnie.

In all we covered about 90 miles of the greatest single track known to man kind. The only other people that ride this area is some Bitterooters and 3 martens that cant get enough of earth biking. I had my doubts early on as a secret plan to unravel our weekend was hatched by brain washing Sten into believing that a big storm would ruin our weekend.  The plan did not work and we stayed in seclusion.

When we were not honing our mountain biking skills on some real technical single track and scree piles we were hitting the camping scene hard.  I had my hammock up and sten brought some fire wood (along with other play toys). We sat, bitched about roadies, did some market research on some new team slogans, ate about six thousand pounds of meat, and swam in a custom ice cold Jacuzzi.

Well, it is over and we are back.  I got my dog out of hock and now I am trying to fit back into civilization … which sucks!

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