I Am Going To The Worlds

The best part of going to beautiful Canmore, Alberta Canada on July 24th – 26th is that I will not only be able to attend my first 24 Solo World Championships but that I will also be competing in them.  Not only that but in the elite category.

The 24 Solo World Championships are put on by 24 Hours of Adrenalin and are not officially sanctioned by the UCI although there is no UCI sanctioning for a 24 hour mountain bike race world championships. I may be wrong so if anyone knows any different let me know.

So far I have come up with the entry fee which maxed out my credit cards and I am in the process of gathering support to pay that off. Team Muleterro will be taking care of the pit area equipment rentals and my friend Sten will be my pit boss. We will be putting together our (we are actually a team) cabinet when we meet at the Butte Endurance MTB Summit Feb 7th and 8th.

Brad Keys of Carbo Rocket has pledged support to fuel my efforts. As you all know my best performances are made solely on potato chips and Carbo Rocket. Carbo Rocket is remarkably simple and best of all it works not only for energy but mental awareness and it is the only sports drink that doesn’t screw with my blood sugar levels. My favorite flavor is Raspberry Lemonade!

All this could not have happened if it were not for the man at Triple Ring Productions Bob Waggoner. He is not only instrumental for the introduction of the Butte 100 and 8 hours of Labor into Montana but has encouraged me to go big. Thanks Bob, now it is time to go big!

I will be seeing Bob, Sten, Rich, and Jim at Butte next month at the Butte Endurance MTB Summit where we will iron out all the details of this effort.  I cant wait to experience this summer and I also can not wait to provide some excitement for my friends. I hope to not disappoint, the journey will be the best part.

A curtain call will be at the 24 Hours of Rapelje in June! If anyone is interested in helping me in any way pleasecontact me via email.

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