Barking Spider Report

No, the title has nothing to do with “farting” or the smells associated with “farting”. I have to admit, I just giggled like a 4 year old. The Barking Spider Mountain Bike Race in Nampa Idaho this weekend was on tap for me and I took up the challenge of getting down there, racing, driving to Butte, riding six hours in the dirt, and then making it back home in one piece. I just posted the photos of the journey ==> go on over yonder!

First off I would of missed out on the race if it were not for Bob and Triple Ring Productions so I have to tip a beer in their direction for helping me get into the first race of the season.  Yea! So there I was fueling up at the Travelers Rest getting ready for my foray into Idaho.

I made it to the venue in around 7 hours and bunked out in the back of my car. I was amazed at how warm it was and being that I don’t have a bed at home this was actually more comfortable. I slept like a baby spider.

I woke up bright and early to post some flyers for the Butte 100 in the most influential places, a technique perfect by the folks at Triple Ring. I filled up my bottles with some of that Carbo Rocket stuff and headed out to play.

I have to say, “whahooo, hell yea”. Thanks, Chad (Red barn Bikesowner), the Turner was a flying today. I am so glad you talked me out of that “other” bike.   After a hour of playing around it was time to get serious. I arrived back to my car to see a Dirt Coalition tent being propped up behind my car. LOL … talk about irony … I was just trying to get on that squad but now I am thankful to be riding my Turner. I gave a couple ride-byes to see the one person I would be gunning for 🙂

So the gun went off and so did the Turner. I took the lead and sat down for a nice little race in Southern Idaho. Soon the the DC dude comes roaring past me so I attempted to grab his wheel. The dude was definitely making his big move of the day. It was all I could do to chase him down. Finally we were battling it hard and heavy.  We romped up the first round of climbs and bombed the descents. We raced ourselves right past the pro group (who started a minute ahead of the cat 1s).

Soon I was off on my own and the Turner just kept flying own the trail to take first place. In the overall I placed 3rd … wrong category to take the cash though.  So yea, it was a good day!

The next day I found myself in Butte Montana to ride Pipestone for six hours with my friends. I did receive a sunburn for my hard efforts Sunday and I am hoping my buddy Rich isn’t feeling the sting as much as I am. He looked red to …o/o

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