Wallman Ridge Adventure

I woke up around 6:42 Sunday morning and still no word from ‘potential victims’ so I assumed I would be going solo on a ski trip up Stewart Peak. “Great”, I thought, “I can do something entirely new or wacko or even go the long way”. After a morning of digging deep for a spiritual sense of where to go I decided on a plan and left the Rattlesnake parking lot at 11:05. The route, Wallman, then up the ridge to Stewart.

I hiked my ass off and started up Wallman Trail around 12. I left the trail at the highpoint around 5,000 ft and started trekking straight up the ridge. It was nice out but way to hot. Nothing but mud and slush. The climb went from lolly-gag to serious business and I only skinned about .6 mile in the next hour. I gained another thousand feet.

Around 3:45pm I broke out on a high point along the ridge and for the first time saw my destiny. It appeared I would be going home without summiting Stewart. Maybe another day.

So I decided to keep to the ridge plan and turn around in the next hour or so. I turned around about 25 minutes later after falling off a cliff and injuring my elbow. It took me about 5 minutes to get my head out of a snow drift. Awkward fall and even tore my boot out of the binding. So I enjoyed the sunset’s reddish golden glow on my checks as I ‘tried’ to ski back down (I suck at this part).

Finally pushed out of the “Snake” and headed immediately to The Bridge Pizza for a pint of Double Haul and a slice of sausage artichoke on white. Final stats are 13.75 miles with 4,300 elevation gain for the day. I was out for 7:47 hours and only managed to put out a whopping 1.9 mph.

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