Spring Training

I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog to bring you breaking news. Yesterday’s ride was an exceptional time in what appeared to be springtime weather. The regularly scheduled “best Photos of 2009” will continue tomorrow.

I did the usual Bitterroot getaway yesterday and popped off a 75 mile ride on my cross bike. With knobbies humming up the pavement I soon found other surface types. Sandy dirt road, gravel, and dirt road strewn with rocks where just a few. I was able to investigate three roads that I had on my mind, Upper Woodchuck, Ambrose Creek Road, and the Burnt Fork Roads.

The first photo is from Upper Woodchuck Road and was a big disappointment. Sure it had a monster dirt road climb but as I got into a rhythm I came across a sign that said to turn around because everything up there was private land.  That sucks, another big land buy up by some entity that has too much money to know what it is like to be human. So I turned around. On the map this was so promising.

I remember a time when I was young you could access forest service land from any direction. Now private land is protecting “OUR” forest service land with owners that restrict any access. This sucks.

So then I went down to Ambrose Creek Road. kind of a disappointment but in a good way. When summer overtakes the winter I will be able to go much deeper into this area. For now, snow was blocking the way.

My third exploration foray was a good one. I discovered the Burnt Fork Roads North, South, and Middle. Lots of pavement with spectacular views gave way up the valley to what looks like great road which leads to forest service lands. I did not get to find out what lay “up the creek” because I ran out of time and daylight but I will be back.

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