Holding Pattern

So there I was on the Kim Williams Trail thinking how awesome it was that it was dry and looking forward to a great mountain bike ride. My threshold interval started at the bottom of Deer Creek Road and by the time I clicked my lap timer it was evident that I would encounter mud. After all we had just endured about a thousand snow flurries for a week. I tried to stay on the shoulder where there was still gravel.

The only thing that was working was the Carbo Rocket as I felt really good putting down some serious power. By the top of Deer Creek Road where it turns to Pattee Canyon Road I was completely unrecognizable. I looked like a rock. To make matters worse I was on ice and snow now which made for some interesting side trips to the ditch. Crazy canyon trails did not provide me with refuge either.

Snow pack that hasn’t been on the trails for like two months was now back and when there wasn’t snow it was greasy and deep mud. No dry spots to spare. I popped out to the trail over to MoZ and it was dry again. I ascended into town and everyone glanced my way. I looked like I had been mud bogging. But where is the mud was probably their thought.

My recommendations for mountain biking as of last night after staying up all night washing clothes in the tub … move somewhere else.

Your Thoughts

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