I am moments until I walk out the door at my present job. Free from low wages and the burden of how to pay bills and eat at the same time. Free from so much more. My closest friends know of which I speak. It all stems from a decision and then a execution of that decision. I decided I wanted more and then followed through by accepting the job at MSU. It all came real this morning when I placed the acceptance letter in the mail. Tomorrow I am planning on heading to Bozeman and looking for an apartment. Totally exciting stuff. Momentum has now taken over.

This weekend the process of “taking the plunge” played out as well. Sometime you have to just put one foot in front of the other to get the ball rolling. But first you must decide to move that foot. Then momentum takes over. Oh … and this post may seem to have lots of photos of Norman … a stand in body double for me.

I knew there was a better way to spend the 3 day holiday weekend then to sit around town, doing chores, and watching TV. I wanted to do something better. I wanted to go camping, hiking, and exploring. I wanted to get out of town and replace the paved roads with wilderness. I wanted to be by a stream or lake roasting something over a open fire. I wanted, no needed, to be outdoors. But I had stuff to do and a move to plan. There was so much to procrastinate about.

Finally I made a decision. A decision to leave behind the concrete jungle of metro Missoula and head into the woods. I deputized my friend Norman to head up this movement. It wasn’t long before he showed up ready to haul stuff and my lazy ass away from town.  Next thing I know we are looking for a camping spot 22 miles off the beaten path near the State Line Trail just south of Superior Montana. At first I was grumpy and totally rebellious. The shock of being out in the woods with just a tent, sleeping bag, and some meat to grill was a little like giving up caffeine cold turkey. Deputy do-it plopped us at a closed gate and so I went to bed but not before some other cranky inducing events.

First off I forgot my headlamp and was forced to navigate with iPhone illumination. OK, I could deal with that. But then sitting by the campfire even that light was “Snuffed” out.  I was starting to unwind by the fire when my camp chair collapsed to one side. The fire location was on a steep grade and I just fell over. Problem is that the beer, Coldsmoke of all things, proceeded to tip into and empty its contents into my jacket pocket. Yep! Same pocket that held said iPhone. FAIL. But I had set this decision into motion and now I was out of town a long way from the comforts of home and I had to live with it.

So I went to bed, light-less, disgusted, and grumpy. The next day was a different story. I awoke with optimism. I didn’t feel rushed. I thought it would be a good idea to walk up the road to see how far we could get before snow turned us around. I grabbed my coffee mug and thankfully my camera and we were off.

The end of the road was under a half mile, but then there was that waterfall. Hmm, wonder were that trail goes? Next thing I know we are at a half frozen lake. Hmm, wonder what is up the next draw? And moments later we were standing at a mostly frozen lake. Wow, this was a full fledged adventure. All set in motion by making that decision to get out of town and executing it. Hmm, wonder where that snow field goes? After all the snow was surprisingly crusted and easy to walk on.

We broke out into a grassy bowl lined with huge snow drifts. Hiking up the bowl was easy enough and so the journey continued. As we left that valley floor the giants started to emerge. First it was Illinois Peak. Then Gold Crown, Wisdom, Cascade, and Sherlock Peaks. Once on a main ridge-line we quickly gained the summit of Oregon Peak to the waiting arms of other snow covered peaks. High above Missoula Lake, where I wanted to camp, I could see that it was completely frozen with the road leading to it under 6 feet of snow. We plopped down to soak it in and declare the “morning excursion” a success.

Norman sat in the grass as I left the summit to “practice” my open ridge balance. There was no danger from a serious fall and in the process discovered some pretty cool alpine flowers and rocks. I picked up some quartz and snapped off a couple shots.

I thought back to what could of been. What if I dedicated myself to finish my chores and start packing for the move? I could of been at City Brew sipping some mud and pounding blueberry scones. No, this was much better. And I am so glad I decided to get out of town.

Before long Norman caught up and we finished the jaunt with some boot skiing and tobogganing down the snowy slopes of Oregon peak. And this was just the beginning of the weekend.

So now I have this iPhone that no longer works very well and a lot of packing (giving stuff away) to do.  Right were I need to be at this time and space. Before long I will be living in another zone … Bozone (Montana nick name). I feel refreshed and more energized because I got out into the woods. It all pans out once momentum takes over.

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