Choosing fate

I have made a trip to the Good Food Store, possibly the last time, to gather supplies for my trip this morning. I have cleaned up my mountain bike for  a Thursday night ride Bozeman style. I have packed the beetle with enough stuff to sustain myself until I find permanent lodging in the Bozone. But am I ready to accept the choices that I made?  To late. Once the snow melts from the mountains it is hard to keep the water from reaching the ocean.

I remember a movie once, the Matrix, forgot which one. Anyway, the idea on how choice works. I forget the exact dialog. I could look it up and quote it but here is the lowdown as I understand it.  In the movie choices are made before they come to our attention. Our task is to find out why we made that choice.

True for me because I believe everything happens for a reason and is just part of the flow down life’s path. Wheels spin and gyroscopic forces keep you up and moving down the path. The choice to manipulate the handlebars is yours but if you think about each choice your trip down the path is going to be a rough one. It is best to just let your instincts take over and get into that Zen like zone and just enjoy the ride. If you don’t reflect on certain choices you can not learn from faceplants and general mishaps.

Darn, just drove by Drummond. I wanted to stop for a break. Oh well … what is that? How am I blogging while driving? I have talked my bike Betty into taking dictation as I drive. We will type this up later and upload it at a Wi-Fi spot. Probably in Butte at a coffee shop.  A break from the drive, like a lake nestled in the mountains. A temporary stop on the way to the ocean.


Even in the film Neo (I think is his name) didn’t believe in fate because he resisted wanting to believe that  he didn’t have control over his own life. My point being that I am scared that things will not work out but comforted that they always do. It is all fate now. Or is it?

I did make the decision to accept the position and move away from the comforts of Missoula. Ahh heck, sit back and enjoy the ride … right? What if I was sort of forced into this path?  Trees don’t consciously make decisions but they have their place, an impact on the surroundings. A tree-well is evidence of that. I am getting sidetracked … where was I?

So here is a thought. If you don’t pursue change then you are resisting  fate. A tree that doesn’t grow straight is not a misfit at all. In fact they make the best photos. I look at tress like this as the brave ones, making unconscious changes in a world of straight. In the end their fate is more endearing and photographic then the norm. Change is good.

I am going to Bozeman today to scout for lodging. I am following the path that I have chosen. Right this moment I am driving down the interstate and can not help but think that this road symbolizes life right now. I got on this route and I know where it leads. But when I arrive all the factors and variables of life will take me on a journey that no one can predict. If I hadn’t set this all in motion I wouldn’t of been on tis road.

This road to my future home. A place to launch all new adventures. A place to fall in love. A place to get my heart broken. A place to grow. A place to heal. A place unknown. A place mysterious. A place fresh and new. A place I have chosen. I am barreling down the path and now fate can take over. Hold on, this should be fun…o/o

2 thoughts on “Choosing fate

  1. Wow, this one brought me to tears for some reason. I guess it is because I can relate…I feel in a very similar place in this world here. Thanks for putting it to words. Love you brother

  2. Hi Paul,

    So glad you have been able to catch up and read my posts. Sounds like you need a mental break from your side of the country. Feel free to drop in any time. I have a 2 bedroom place. Hope your trip is good.


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