A quick and slushy

It is hard to come back to Missoula. Today it looked so grey outside and I didn’t want to go outside for any sort of activity. It ust looked so inhospitable out there.  But in the end I finally got out.  And it was way to late as well.  I wanted to spend 5 plus hours biking but this late ride was just to force myself to at least get out.  A quick and dirty as you will. Something to clear my head and breath a little. So much “stuff” to process over the last couple days.

I headed into the Rattlesnake on my Muckluk. I was hoping for a little better conditions up there. As I rode I traveled through mud and slush.  Now coated I approached some familiar trails. Mandatory single track, turkey trail, shampoo, spring gulch, and stewart peak.  All just a quick and dirty. Walking about 80% of it. No worries.

Just a quick and dirty … ah … slushy.

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