What is next?

What is on tap for this weekend?  I wonder this. And at the same time try and draw from last weekend’s ride around Hyalite Lake. I have been posting photos from this trip so maybe I should give a little narration.  And by doing this maybe can come up with some adventure ideas for this weekend.

It was getting late so we just parked at the main parking lot by the dam and headed out. At first I thought it would be too much for a recovering ACL patient but walking is no problem so we walked most of the trail. The West side is all single track while the East side is dirt road. So we started off with the desert first … the single-track. It want long before we broke out into our first grand view.

IT is so nice to be out on the bike exploring together again.  I wanted to frame the moment.

Nothing brings two adventurers together more then a grand view. In a week this field will be strewn with wild flowers.  Maybe we will come back here this week and camp.

As we neared the end of our ride it rained … hard … on us.  We were moments from the car and instincts said to make a run for it.  Instead I stopped to enjoy it.  The outdoors. Nature.  And snap off a photo of a rainbow.  Maybe we will camp up here this weekend.

Your Thoughts

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