75th choice

I cant contain myself. The wait is over. The 24 race is out of the way. I know I have to post a race report, maybe tomorrow. But for today I am hitting the road with my fat bike.  On tap this weekend is a fat bike adventure with my partner in crime. Two weekends ago I was taking a photo to demonstrate how much snow was still in the Bridgers when I realized I wanted to bikepack more then I wanted to go to a 24 hour race. So with that out of the way it is fat bike adventure time.

That brings up where. I would really rather not say. It’s not my first choice for adventure, more like my 75th choice. But life necessitates that I give my PIC a break from travel. So instead of the snowy caps of the Bridger Range I am off to my 75th choice.


Why so excited one might ask. Well it is not the destination but the journey, not the journey but who you journey with.  And most importantly what you adventure on. With full knowledge I have to start focus on bikepacking with my ElMarachi Ti this weekend I will throw a leg over my fatty. It simply hauls the most with the greatest of elegance.

And camping … you cant beat it.  Under the stars after a sit beside a campfire downing brats and beer.  Just being out in the wilds is what it is all about. So even though this is my 75th choice, I am stoked. Completely stoked!

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