Beartooth Adventure Part II

It had rained all night but as soon as the pity patter stopped on the sidewalls of the tent I was outta there.  It was Bill time.

I have dreamed of the moment for a long time.  Going bike packing with my fatty and then camp and tool around a lake.  It is what Fatties do best I think.

We had come to Beauty Lake the night before and now in the daylight I had a change to get up close and personal.  And what better way then to tool around on the shore. And of course take a lot of photographs.

Everything was wet, just another reason to stay off the ground and ride. Through the wet grass and along the short beach sections I slowly made my way from camp and lost track of time. Time just don’t exist in paradise.

I stopped often to try my hand at capturing a waterfall photo. I suddenly realized that I was in thick grizzly bear country and went back to the bike to retrieve my bear spray.  Out here I had to be aware I was a part of the food chain and no longer on top.

I was immersed in the elements. The color of the soil and the richness of the creek rocks. The clear water.  Fish swimming up little streams where at times I would have to hit my brakes to keep from hitting them.  They need more fish crossing signs out there. Another good reason to keep the bear spray handy.

What brought me out of my adventure emersion craze was a rain drop.  I checked my GPS for the time.  It was near noon. Holy shit … I needed to get back to camp. Totally forgot I was not alone, not anymore. My partner should be a part of the “awake” now.

I turned and headed back to camp. Wonder what is for breakfast?

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