Beartooth Adventure Part III

When I returned to camp there was no sign of my partner.  I figured she had just decided to take off on a morning adventure of her won.   But as the time wore on I became increasingly concerned that a bear or something snatched her up.  Just as I became temporarily distracted with a project she appeared.  Time to break up camp and head out for our first full day of bike packing.

We started right were we left off … pushing our bikes.  The terrain was extremely rugged.

When we got good and tired of pushing straight up bolder fields we stopped for long lunches and snuggle rests. I never had so much fun going 1 mile.

There were blissful times when we actually got to ride.  Sometimes for long stretches … like 200 feet.  We savored the opportunity to ride.

And then we began to ride more and more.  We were at close to 10,000 ft and it really opened up.  The Beartooth Plateau before us inspired a second mile.

We started climbing into another drainage that would skirt the Beartooth Butte.  The trip up to the pass rewarded us with beautiful views.

Near the top of the pass we decided to stop for another of our lunch breaks complete with snuggles.  Could I be in heaven … it was possible.

The thing about using a snow bike for this type of extreme bike packing is that the bike rides the same as if it were not loaded to the hilt wit camping gear.  The thing normally steers like a semi truck and it does the same under load.  I felt my bike choice was perfect.

Finally we reached our goal trail.  It follows the Beartooth Butte North all the way to the wilderness boundary where we could then camp or turn around.

The best part is that we were riding our bikes 80% of the time and finally felt like we were making headway.  But soon it was apparent our pace would get us no where near our destination plans.

We decided to go to a high point and take a look around.  Complete with more snuggles.

Our day was nearing an end and we decided to camp at the next lake … maybe.  We have on this pattern before.  It is always the next spot, and the next, until we collapse in the darkness in exhaustion.

But that was not the case today. The next lake was Native lake and it was beautiful. Besides we found the most awesome camping spot near the shore.  So we basted in the sun and enjoyed the evening with a couple bags of Mountain House freeze dried meals.  Note to self : Don’t try and eat two bags of Mountain House freeze dried meals.  We were so stuffed we could of started a puke fest. Instead we digested and watched the sun set.

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