Beartooth Adventure Part IV

My partner stirred all night complaining that it was cold.  My cold adaptation training must be going well because I felt fine.  But when I exited the tent for “Bill Time” I realized that she was correct.  It really did get cold that night.

I left my partner in the tent and headed out to reach the wilderness boundary.  I figured I could do it in 3 hours at the most.

All the sight were the same with the added flair of a sunrise.  I do love the mornings … and usually they are all mine.

As I rode away I ran into numerous camps so I had to lift the fatty and sneak by.  All the time feeling like maybe everyone was woken up by my morning squeal brakes as I came down some hills.

The terrain was unforgiving and I pushed forward for 2 hours.  I started to get nervous that I was taking too long but I wanted to reach the wilderness boundary.

And then I was there. As far as bikes can go.  I quickly turned back towards camp. we had a long day ahead of us.

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