Feeling fat

Moving from San Fran to Los Altos I am feeling a little more in my element. Which is to say on two wheels. And while Jill was riding her Element (Rocky Mountain Fully) I was aboard a fatty.

There is this local hill climb that goes up something like 2,500 feet from a particular intersection and I attached this climb with vigor … on the fatty. At first i was amazed how I could big ring this hill but as the verticle feet accumulated the more I wished I didnt have this vengance quest tostay in the big ring. I was self challenged andwhen the dust steeled it was a time of 43 minutes. the current road bike record is something a little over 30 minutes. we summized how I might be able to beat this record if I were to slam it with a roadie machine but that is as far as that discussion went. The rest of the day was awesome singletrack as we decended into a local haunt called Stevens Creek.

The day just got fatter.  The trail went down a ridge and into some great forests.  The trouble around these parts is that you “should” stay on the trails because of poison oak.  I leaned into a couple corners and almost brushed some poison oak laden branches.  I cant imagine crashing into it.

The trails were fat as well … and smooth … at time a little bumpy. Overall perfect for the fat bike. I ripped down some fantastic sweeping forested trails all the while Jill choked on my dust.  Come to find out a fatty really is a dust maker.  It is like following a ccement truck on a dusty road.

It was a good day on the trails.  Even fatties can have fun in the dirt … right?

Your Thoughts

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