Living in the background

The soak was a long time coming.  The pools were new and I tried each one. I settled into the older hot one.  But before long it was too much heat and I decided to soak in the 33 degree shade.  While everyone looked on with wonderment I dozed off. I mean why would someone pay to get into a hot springs and then baulk at the warm confines to freeze in the brisk winter like breeze. I would come to once in a while to stare at the murals surrounding the pools. They depicted a time when buffalo roamed free and the land “really” wasn’t owned like it is today. A time when I would have had to pay to soak. A time when a personal journey … a vision quest as you will, would be totally accepted.  Even admired. I think back ground is important to realize how cluttered our lives, ah desktops, have become. Right now I was living in the background.

Your Thoughts

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