The journey to health

Bike-packing out of Hyalite
Bike-packing out of Hyalite

I am back to work but all is not well. I cough … a lot sometimes. I can tell my lung capacity is low and my ambition to go outside nill. Even though it is beautiful out with hints of summer. But not yet. I am making my journey back out from sickness. So I got all my bags mounted and my bike is ready for the ride out.

Mo looks for trout ... ok, maybe not.
Looking for trout … ok, maybe not.

When your healthy things are easy. And some of them you take for granted. Like ambition. To go outside or to get something done is relatively easy. But sick the ambition thing is missing. Dishes stack up and the house becomes a mess. Elements of depression like ice-cold water into your boots on a mountain stream crossing come calling. If you were healthy it would be like crossing a bridge over the icy water. Effortless and something taken for granted. Ambition is like a bridge to adventure.

Exhausted adventure crew
Exhausted adventure crew

Rest is an element of being sick that is of utmost importance. In contrast to an adventure where rest is something that just comes along in patches and as opportunity arises.

Riding out of Hyalite
Riding out of Hyalite

I have a long way to go to get better. Some think that as soon as there over the hump they are better. Not me. I am not better until I am back to full speed. So it can be weeks or months before I have full lung capacity and can maybe do an ultra race or two. Until then it is slowly introducing things as ambition comes back. In contrast with adventure. The journey with sick SUCKS. The journey in life and adventure is beautiful.

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