Lately I am just zipping down the trail and reacting to whatever comes my way. I have no time to do the comfortable and planned things in life. Like blog, take photos, or watch movies. I would like to correlate life as of late to water sports. Water much like skiing requires so much faithful agility. You react to what comes your way and maneuver around trouble areas.


Blogging helps me think about what is going on and express it in a way that helps me understand from another point of view. And to other readers it is something else. When you are showing the world how you navigate the waters others will stop by and watch.


Some readers, I am sure, study my posts for tid-bits of information. Someone told me they read my blog for wisdom. I like information because I certainly don’t know how wise what I do is healthy.


Sometime you react in a way that is beautiful. Like the beauty of a fan of water spraying from the underside of your craft. So things are coming my way lately and I am reacting. I wish i had more time to write about it and to extract the beauty of it all. But maybe if I wrote it all out it will be at least something to someone.

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