Yesterday I “Rounded up Sheep” and this morning I did the “Morning 70“. And I feel great. Which is surprising. Usually I am left with the munchies and the inability to get off a bed. The journey is never consistent is it? Like a game of Jenga. You build a foundation and then start taking from it to go higher … faster.


So I must be doing something right lately. I have taken out blocks left and right and my fitness and body are taking it in stride. But I do know that if I continue then the tower will fall.  So I am thinking about a rest block and taper before the Rapelje 24 Hour Race in two weeks.

Explaining a rule violation

“The trick to jenga”, I explain to my opponent, “Is to get aggressive. And pay attention to which blocks will eventually un-weight other blocks.” And then as I take out my next block … FAIL.

Over a beer

So while things are pretty solid I think I will taper off to see how well I built my tower in Rapelje.

Your Thoughts

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