Rapelje time


Full Moon in the Absarrka Range
Full Moon in the Absaroka Range

24 Hours of Rapelje Web Site  

To travel 333 miles in 24 hours I would need to average 13.9 miles per hour overall throughout a 24 hour period. That is 29 laps! My best effort at Rapelje is 235 miles at 11.8 miles per hour, even though in 2011 I traveled 243 miles but quit earlier. Maybe I should just shoot for a three hundie. I would just need to average 12.5 miles an hour, or 26 laps. With the 2013 course set at 11.8 miles a lap I would come around under an hour each time.  This means I may waste time in the pits which slows my average speed.  Maybe 20 second pit stops are in order.  Or should I just worry about securing a five-peat. I have never won anything five times in a row.


2009 [Post7 laps 99.4 miles (12.4 mph) – 1st
2010 [Post16 laps 235 miles (11.8 mph) – 1st
2011 [Post16 laps 242.95 miles (10.01 mph) – 1st
2012 [Post] 16 laps 184.92 miles (12) (8.04 mph) – 1st

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