Time for maintanance

Cliff Lined Valley

Part of me thinks people do a subconscious maintenance. Like if I told someone who I felt that I had visited more then they visited me and that it was up to them to visit now.  And that if they didn’t then tough kitty. That person would go into relationship maintenance mode and force a visit. I am not convinced this is a good idea and would rather people visit me organically. But I do pull that trick out of the bag when that person is important.

Boulder River Area Mountain Biking

This time the “Bozeman visit” resulted in me rewarding the other party with an epic ride near the Natural Bridge area on the outskirts of the Absaroka Wilderness. At least I thought it was a reward.

Mo climbs out of the Natural Bridge area

After a thousand feet of climbing I discover that I may be pushing the limits of my hospitality. After a Q and A session I come to my final conclusion.

Mo climbs toward Gren Mountain

Maybe others view a visit to Bozeman is like torture. Numerous climbs into wild areas. Hike-a-bike for hours. Rocky descents. Even though I don’t know what the big deal is, maybe I should tone things down a bit.


Or maybe if you visit you should just buck it up and learn to ride your friggin bike.

Your Thoughts

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