Telling the difference


To protect the innocent I will change the names in this post. I am part of an underground investigation. We investigate the worlds contradictions and act accordingly. Like when we see “Natural Bridges” on the map and realize almost every state has a “Natural Bridge Park”, we investigate. This usually means visiting for research purposes. I am agent … let’s just say … snuggles. But I am not. Let me explain.

Vista Point

My partner could also be referred to as agent snuggles. But we need a way to protect our identities and to verify our “informants” and “partners” are valid trustful people. To do this we need a special order in addressing us.

Natural Bridge Falls

And all you as a reader needs to know is “Snuggles” before “Cuddles”. You get the order mixed up and we are on to you. Good day!

Your Thoughts

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