The one that sucked

Gallatin Forest Dweller

I looked back and my partner was trying to take a photo. Of what I did not know so I turned around for further inspection. She was trying to get an image of a spider web. Personally I don’t like spiders. Spiders sit there waiting for something to fly into its home-made web of death. Much like life. Just waiting for you to stumble into a mishap.  Ha … life got me again, right? We have been on so many adventure this summer that I am beginning to wonder if will we finally have that one that sucks. I mean one can only handle so much perfect trail. Or perfect waterfall. Or perfect brat over the fire. Right? Before you stumble into one that sucks. Like a hapless little insect into a web.

Gallatin Pond

This one seemed to be the one. We battled mud for around 3 hours. It wasn’t looking good. We came upon a little pond and stopped for a breather and some lunch. Before long we got lost taking photos and checking out the life in and around the pond. We needed a break from walking and concentrating on riding through mud. After a little while we mounted our steeds and began to push forward. I don’t know why. Why does an insect struggle to get out of a web?

Gallatin Mountain Biking

Another hour pushing up the hill and we emerged onto a ridge. And it was not an easy hour. In fact it was much harder and required more hike-a-bike then the earlier 3 hours. But now we got a huge reward for our efforts. The Gallatin Range spread out before us and everything was green and rugged. Real cool We threw down the bikes and enjoyed the remaining sun light …

Gallatin Ridge Trail

Which was a problem. We definitely would not go back through the mud but before us was a long decent to Mystic lake and another 10 or so miles out from there. We opted for the all-nighter and was optimistic that going downhill from now on would be a lot more fun then the earlier 4 hours. We were struggling against suckiness.

Gallatin Ridge

With “the decision” of which way we wanted to exit the woods done this freed us up to walk around the saddle and take in the elements. Isn’t it funny how you can spend 4 hours trudging through the mud but spending 20 minutes on a glorious vista and all is forgotten.

Gallatin Flower

“Isn’t this fantastic”, I yelled against the wind so my partner could hear me from atop a rocky outcrop.

“It is, so cool”, she yelled back as she snapped off a couple photos of a wildflower.

Gallatin Pushing

We bombed off the top of the saddle and the trail down to Mystic lake was the most fabulous, fun, and DRY trail I have done to date this summer. But wait this blog was about the one time we went on a ride that sucked. How could this turn into another perfect adventure? Could a entrapped insect really wiggle its way out of a deadly web? Keep on struggling little bug.

Gallatin ZoomWe regrouped at Mystic Lake and rode the remaining 3 hours to get out via New World Gulch. And it got dark in the worst, most rugged part of the ride. My partner even decided that enough was enough and just walked out. The last part was hard. But did it suck? No! The day out on the trails was another perfect adventure. I feel because we just ket going.  And the little insect got another lease on life.

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