Antone Cabin Part IV


Heading up Sawtooth

After a “near death nearly freezing and dying from lightening” day my sleep was pretty good. I awoke the next day with no expectations. The data pointed to my partner and I packing up and leaving the cabin to try to get a jump on the up and coming work week. Maybe I could ask to ride my bike out of the valley to get in an extra workout. I was shocked to hear that maybe we should hike the ridge towards Sawtooth Peak.


But that was the beginning of a long string of surprises.

“How about we ride up that trail”, she said pointing to a Z-shaped jeep trail. “Then we could ditch the bikes and hike up there”, pointing now to some gargoyle like rock formations at the top of the ridge.

“I’m in”

Now when I describe the trail as a jeep trail I am probably really giving jeeps too much credit. I can not imagine anything that could climb that steep of a grade. I say this because I tried to climb it only to find myself waking up near the first switch back having passed out from breathing too hard. The fist thing that came into vision is my partner hiking her bike up to me looking so exhausted I felt concerned.

I fully expected to hear that we should just ditch this idea but instead I got none of it. She just walked right past me with fierce determination to hike the bike completely to the top of the ridge. Which I may add is kind of, shall I say, not bright. I mean the only riding we would be doing is to ride back down and I knew it was too steep to even enjoy that. I jumped back on my bike a gave chase.

Sub Ridge

Then another surprise. Which was we should keep going. At least this time on foot. We ditched the bikes and started up. And up. And up.

Ridge Guardians

Cool features kept us thirsty for more adventure. Like goblin-like rocks along the way.

Ridge Goblins

Even when we past that cut off time, the time we allowed to get back in time to pack up and get out before dark, we kept hiking up.

Sunset Peak Storm

But soon an approaching storm made us check our senses and we started discussing going back down. Surprise we didn’t, instead we determined we could “play it by ear” and go to that next false summit.

Ridge to Sawtooth

Eventually common sense got the better of my partner and she turned back. Me, I decided to go for it. Try and reach the second 10,000 foot peak of the weekend.

Nearing Sawtooth Summit

False summit after false summit gave way to another. I looked back to my partner now a tiny speck back down the ridge. She was almost back to the bikes. I had to far to go and thoughts of turning back started to become a reality. I bargained and promised myself to turn around in 5 minutes.


Surprisingly I got a burst of energy and made it up in 4 minutes. I ran back to my partner and we ended the weekend. Not surprisingly another keeper.

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